Why create a Merchant Account with us?

See below a collection of key benefits our Merchants have access to.

cssCompete with well-known retailers

As a value comparison website we strive to ensure there is no bias towards any retailer, all retailers will be compared based on price, service and availability and the end user will make the best purchase for them.

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cssEnhance your brand awareness

By listing on In2Tools access a wider network of customers and be ranked in comparisons against leading retailers giving your brand greater exposure to customers all over the UK.

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cssNo listing fees

We do not charge you anything to list your products and prices on our platform, simply we charge a small commission agreed direct with you on every purchase made from our website, we track this by using tracking URLs.

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cssNo overrides

As we are a website run with affiliate agreements, by going direct with In2Tools you will benefit from removing override fees which are paid to the affiliate network inbetween us and you.

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cssLarger customer pool

We have over 650,000 products listed on In2Tools, meaning we attract customers from every sector in the economy and from every geographical part of the UK, by listing on our platform you will access a larger customer pool than just selling direct from your own website or physical store.

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cssMacro & Micro market analysis reports

As we manage pricing data from retailers all over the UK we can provide macro and micro reports for your business shwoing where you are missing out on product offering or where you are being beaten on price or service, this data and analysis gives you the opportunity to make informed decisons for your business to achieve the best growth possible.

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